(Aspirant) Former Active Members

Former Active Members (FAM) can become a member of the special FAM network when they have been active for
Asset | Econometrics for at least half a year. They will be given the opportunity to stay in touch with Asset | Econometrics. Four times per year Former Active Members will receive the magazine Nekst, to keep up with the happenings within the association. Once or twice per year an activity will be organized for Former Active Members, called KOALA activities.

This academic year (2022-2023) the KOALA activities will be on Saturday November 26 and April 1. For more information about the first activity, which is a dinner, check out the event page!

Sign up as Former Active Member
Have you been active for Asset | Econometrics in the past and did you already graduate, but are you not a Former Active Member yet? Register now and meet your fellow Asset | Econometrics members from years ago! Registration is simple, just send an email to [email protected]. You will be sent a form, which you will have to send back filled out. The current secretary will then sign you up!

The membership fee (10 euros) will be paid by direct debit. You will receive an authorisation form after you have subscribed.

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