board 2019-2020

Chairman                Denise Jacobs
Secretary                Marieke Derks
Treasurer                Bastiaan Schutte
External Affairs      Ricardo van Belzen
Internal Affairs       Britte Kragten

From left to right: Britte, Bastiaan, Denise, 
Marieke and Ricardo

about the board

The board members of Asset | Econometrics are responsible for running the association together. Every board member has different responsibilities related to his or her function. Next to their daily task of running the association to the best of their ability, the board of Asset | Econometrics sets several goals to bring the association to an even higher level.

Get to know our board members by reading the pieces below or swing by our rooms some time! You can find us on the first floor of building E.


My name is Denise Jacobs and I am 23 years old. Even though I am relatively new at the association, I feel like I have been a part of the group for years. Before I applied for a board year, I was part of the Econometrics in Practice Day committee. During my time in this committee, I have gotten more familiar with the association and have met many active members.  These events made me realize that I had found the right association for me. After challenging myself in various other ways, I felt that a board year was the next step for me to take. As Chairman, I am responsible for keeping the overview and making sure that everything goes as planned. By having this overview, I am able to determine how we are doing as an association and what we can do to take us to the next level. Furthermore, as Chairman, I take place in the general board of Asset where I represent Asset | Econometrics and where we try to make the best decisions for Asset as a whole. Moreover, within the general board of Asset, every chairman takes up a portfolio and for me this entails ‘Acquisition Coordinator’. This means that I coordinate all the External Affairs officers in Asset to ensure that we all collaborate with one another on acquisition. When I am not at Asset, I like to play some board games, go to the movies, cook a nice meal, hang out with friends and go to all of our events! This was a short introduction of me and I hope to see you at the rooms!



My name is Marieke Derks and I am 21 years old. I am the Secretary of this years’ board! Originally, I am from Eindhoven but since I started Econometrics and Operations Research in 2017, I live in a nice student house in Tilburg. Many people think that the Secretary only writes the minutes but actually, I do all kind of tasks. I am among other things responsible for our website and social media channels, the administration system of our members and I take the photos during events, which I really like! Besides all amazing things I do for Asset | Econometrics during the day, I love to play (beach) handball, cook, eat and go out with friends. I really am a people person, so do not hesitate to approach me at the rooms for a nice conversation!


My name is Bastiaan Schutte and this year I am the treasurer of Asset | Econometrics. Meaning I will do all the fun bookkeeping and will be responsible for the financial health of the association.  I am also the IT guy of the board, so for any IT related question, feel free to come to me!  I am 20 years old and started studying Econometrics and Operations Research two years ago. Last year I started playing soccer at Willem II, unfortunately the amateur club though, and will continue trying to do this throughout the year. Besides bookkeeping, I will also be coordinating many committees and be present at all of our events. To end this introduction I would like to invite you all to come to our events and I look forward to seeing all of you present.


My name is Ricardo van Belzen and this year I am the External Affairs of Asset | Econometrics! I was born in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands: Zeeland. I was also lucky enough to grow up in the aesthetic, historical capital of this province, Middelburg. I am happy that I lived here for eighteen precious years. On my eighteenth birthday, I went to Tilburg University to study econometrics. After studying and being active at Asset | Econometrics for two years, I decided it was time for something different. The opportunity to be in the board this year was given to me, for which I am extraordinarily grateful. To be External Affairs means I will be responsible for multiple things, among which the acquisition of Asset | Econometrics and coordinating and maintaining company contacts.  Next to my unlimited, ever-increasing love for our association, I also have some other hobbies. I have been a regular swimmer since I was very young and I still like to be in the water from time to time. Additionally, I like to travel to many different destinations around the globe. Lastly, I have a deep interest in politics. I really look forward to see you all this year, either at our rooms or at one of our events!


My name is Britte Kragten and I am 20 years old. Last two years I was part of four totally different committees: Active Members Weekend, Sports, Connection Day and Freshmen Weekend. After this I felt ready to do a board year at the association where I have always had so much fun! As Internal Affairs I am responsible for the Active Members Policy, all education-related matters and part of the acquisition of Asset | Econometrics. Besides this, I am representing Asset | Econometrics in the Asset Academy and the Acquisition Meeting. The diversity of this function is what I am enjoying the most, next to the enthusiasm of all our members, which gives me a big smile as Internal Affairs.

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