board September 2021 - January 2022

Chairman                Wout Temmink
Secretary                Patrick Floor
Treasurer                Joris te Booij
External Affairs     Constantijn Wessel
External Affairs     Floris Somers
Internal Affairs       Bram Marsman

From left to right: Bram, Patrick, Wout, Joris, Constantijn, Floris



The board members of Asset | Econometrics are responsible for running the association together. Every board member has different responsibilities related to his or her function. Next to their daily task of running the association to the best of their ability, the board of Asset | Econometrics sets several goals to bring the association to an even higher level.

Get to know our board members by reading the pieces below or send us a message some time! 

Wout Temmink

My name is Wout Temmink and at the moment I am 22 years old. I was born in Hengelo, which is in exotic Twente. In 2020 I started my pre-master Quantitative finance and actuarial sciences. I immediately became active at Astrics when I arrived in Tilburg, despite the strange year I have really enjoyed my time at the association so far. During the past year I have been active in the Connection day committee and the EOR business diner Committee. I finished my pre-master this summer, and for the next academic year I would like to become the Chairman of Asset Econometrics. Within Asset General I will take over the role of Acquisition Coordinator. Furthermore, I am really happy to be able to coordinate the Freshmen committee.


Patrick Floor

My name is Patrick Floor and I am 22 years old. Originally, I was born in Wageningen and raised in Veenendaal. I started studying Econometrics in 2017, and I immediately moved to Tilburg because of the travelling time. In my first year I started with a small committee, namely the Introduction Activity. This was a great start in my active members career at Asset | Econometrics. Since then I have become more involved with the association and have done the committees Education, IBT and Hackathon. Beside Asset | Econometrics I also love to play volleyball at Gepidae. Furthermore, I love solving difficult puzzles or riddles. For the next academic year, I would like to fulfill the role of Secretary of Asset | Econometrics and make sure that everyone feels home at our association. Beside the Secretary tasks I am also the IT-guy this academic year! If you have any questions regarding IT-matters you can always ask me!

Joris te Booij

My name is Joris te Booij and I am 22 years old. I was raised in Vught, near Den Bosch. I started with the Bachelor Econometrics in 2017, and finished this summer. I became active at the association in my second year by joining the Sports Committee. After an exchange, I decided to once again become active in the IBT Committee. Besides that I have been to many activities, and have gotten to know the association as a very fun place where you can also develop yourself. Next year, I hope to guarantee the financial health of our association as your treasurer.

Constantijn Wessel

My name is Constantijn Wessel and I will be one of the External Affairs of Asset | Econometrics from February 2021 till February 2022. I was born in Hong Kong 22 years ago, raised in Arnhem, and happily moved to Tilburg four and a half years ago. As some of you may already know, I did not start studying the Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) but I actually did a Bachelor in Economics. However, I found out quickly that I missed the mathematics that I loved in high school. So, I decided to make the switch to EOR by doing a pre-Master. Currently, I am finishing my Master Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science. Being this close to finishing my studies, I decided I was not yet done studying and decided to do a board year. As External Affairs, I am responsible for multiple things, among others the acquisition of Asset | Econometrics and managing company relations. Before doing this board year, I was a member of the Econometrics Business Dinner committee, the Quantitative Investment Group, and of course, the Nekst committee. Besides, being active at Asset | Econometrics, I have always been an eager sports player. Currently, I enjoy jogging and leading my field hockey team as captain at Studenten Hockeyvereniging Tilburg (SHOT) during the week and weekend days. In my free time, I take pleasure in learning about historical battles. I would even go as far as calling myself somewhat of a history buff.

Floris Somers

Hello everyone, my name is Floris Somers and I am twenty years old. I was born in Eindhoven and raised in Best. The last three years I have been active in countless i committees; Freshman weekend, events committee, promo, Drinks and activities and a bit more serious one the Education. After discovering the informal side of our association I am now going to dedicate all my time to finding the best companies for Asset | Econometrics to give our students the best opportunities. I would love to become the External Affairs of Asset | Econometrics for the upcoming academic year. 

Bram Marsman

My name is Bram Marsman and I will be the new Internal Affairs of Asset | Econometrics. I was born and raised in Tilburg and I am proud to call myself a ‘Tilburger’ for 22 years now. I started studying Econometrics and Operations Research in 2017, and at the moment of writing, I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I have been active at Asset | Econometrics ever since joining the ski trip committee in my first year. Now, I am very grateful for the opportunity to follow in Tjum’s footsteps as the new Internal Affairs of Asset | Econometrics. As the Internal Affairs, I will be responsible for the Active Members Policy and all education-related matters. I will also take part in the Public Relations meeting and I will be the coordinator of many informal committees. My hobbies are watching Netflix, playing Soccer, Tennis, and Squash, hanging out with friends, and attending all of our great events! At most of these events, I like to drink a beer or two. I am especially quite fond of the ‘cantus’. Next to this, I also like to go to festivals. In 2019, I attended Sziget, Paaspop and Awakenings. Finally, I love to go on holidays, both in the summer as in the winter. I look very  look very much forward to meeting you all at our online and hopefully soon at our offline events!

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