Honorary MEmbers

In its forty years of existence, Asset | Econometrics has granted honorary membership to five members. These members have delivered a contribution to our association of great importance. Soon we will add the reasons for their honorary membership.

Jan Bogers

dr. J. Bogers
Founder Asset | Econometrics
Honorary Member since 1979

Ton van Dorp

ir. drs. T. van Dorp
Former chairman of Asset | Econometrics.
Honorary Member since 1991

Ton van Dorp entered the board of Asset | Econometrics in a year in which the association was close to becoming extinct. Thanks to Ton and his fellow board members, new life was blown into Asset | Econometrics and the association was able to move on since then.

Pieter Ruys

prof. dr. P.H.M. Ruys
Former chairman Wim Bogers Stichting
Honorary Member since 2002

Hein Fleuren

prof. dr. ir. H.A. Fleuren
Former chairman Wim Bogers Stichting
Honorary Member since June 2008

Jochem Bruijninckx

mr. J. Bruijninckx 
Former chairman and treasurer of Asset | Econometrics in 2017 - 2018
Honorary Member since September 2022

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