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Thank you for showing interest in our FAM! Brought to life by the board, the FAM is meant to provide a way to keep in contact with the friends you make during your time at Asset | Econometrics, or as you might know it: 'Astrics'. Our student time is by many people remembered as the time of our lives, and this is mainly due to the people we meet and experiences we all have together. Astrics tries to contribute to this by offering a community filled with fellow econometricians to meet, learn from and have fun with.

After graduating you will probably not speak to some of the people you met at Astrics as much as you used to aymore. Everyone spreads their wings and moves on to this new and exciting chapter in life. This makes it all the more interesting to come back together from time to time, to catch up, tell each other inspiring stories, and re-live that fun student time that we left behind! The FAM plays into this by offering you a way to stay in contact with fellow astrics-alumni, keep up-to-date about the association and join fun activities that will take you back to the good days.

By selecting a topic in the sub-menu, you can learn more about the FAM and the corresponding KOALA events. Visit the KOALA page to learn more about the current committee and the upcoming events. 

We recognize you might have some problems keeping up with all our abbreviations that we use in the context of the alumni association. Therefore, we will give an overview below. Click on the corresponding sub-menu page to read more about the specific topic!

  • FAM: Former Active Members
  • OAL: Oud Actief Leden (dutch translation for FAM)
  • KOALA: Kansloze Oud Actief Leden Activiteit