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Former Active Members...

... also known as FAM is our alumni association for everyone that have been in a committee for at least 6 months at Asset | Econometrics.

During your study time you might join one of the committees that Asset | Econometrics has on offer. A lot of these committee members get involved in the association in some kind of way, like making friends or joining events. For those people we would like to offer some way to keep being involved, even after moving on into the working-life of an adult. 

Joining our FAM means you will be able to stay in touch! You will be informed about and get the possibility to join the KAOLA activities. Next to that, you can also choose to keep on receiving our magazine the Nekst. Read interesting articles that are econometrics related or stay up-to-date about the latest news of what the association may have organized. 

What does joining the FAM mean?

In short: you will get be able to subscribe for the KOALA activities and receive the Nekst in any way you like (printed or e-mailed). Next to that you will be kept up-to-date by the KOALA activities via an email. 

When signed up, our board will have your contact details. In general they will only reach out to you about the KOALA events. However, having your contact details can also open other opportunities. For example, think about an interview for the Nekst with a former active member; it might be so that the board will scout through the FAM database to find a suitable match. This is not a given, however, and the chances of getting any extra emails are very small.

If you do want to stay involved in these types of ways, you can always let us know. Read more about staying involved here.

Gotten exicted?

Then we would like to invite you to our FAM! You can click the button below to visit the subscription page.

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