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Meet the KOALA

Welcome to the KOALA: the Kansloze Oud-Actief Leden Activiteit. Twice a year, all our FAM members are invited to meet up during one of three types of KOALA activities:

  • An activity
  • A dinner
  • A weekend

These activities are switched around every year, and two will take place per academic year. To get the latest news on what will take place, we advise you to visit the events page. What these activities mean is explained more elaborate below.

These activities are organized for alumni, by alumni. Every year, the current secretary of Asset | Econometrics will gather a group of motivated alumni who will function as a true committee. They will be tasked with organizing a night, afternoon or maybe even weekend to remember.

On the KOALA page you can find the current members of the committee. This may change on a yearly basis, as KOALA committee members are free to stay for longer, but also to leave the committee after a year. So scoot on over to the KOALA page to find out all about the people behind the activities.

 KOALA Dinner

During the dinner, alumni come together and can reminisce on the past or tell stories about their current life, over a glass of wine and a tasty meal. This dinner can take place at different restaurants throughout the years and have different approaches, so that it will not get old.

KOALA Activity

This activity gives a lot of freedom to the committee. They are asked to organize a fun activity, which can range from playing jeu-de-boules to a pubquiz with lots of beers, or a mix of ideas. It will change every year, depending on what the committee feels excited about. 

KOALA Weekend

The well-known and epic weekend, 'AMW'-style, which will definitely take you back to your student time. Ready to sing during a cantus, play useless but fun games, or chill in the sun with a cold drink? We invite all former active members to indulge in this weekend, which will bring you closest to your student time from all events.