(Active) Members Day

During the Active Members Day active members are thanked for their efforts in one of the committees of Asset | Econometrics. Furthermore, the AMD is sort of a team building activity. The committee can choose to organize an activity they like. The second activity that the (A)MD committee organises is the Members Day. For this event all active and passive members are invited. The AMD committee also organizes the Brothers and Sisters evening at which all members can invite their brothers and sisters to get to know the association as well. The last activity organized by the (A)MD committee is the Summer Activity. This activity is organized for all members of the association and is the last activity of Asset | Econometrics before the summer holidays.

Ferdy Baltussen
Celine van der Hall
Leon van der Grinten
Meike Goedschalk
Committee member
Maureen Lacet
Committee member
Jaron Kappers
Committee member
Ricardo van Belzen
Total members
Hours per week

Interested in becoming active?

If you are interested in doing this committee, please fill in your contact information below. When we receive your message, we will contact you to give you more information about our committees and becoming active. You are also always very welcome at the first floor of building E where we can answer all of your questions!

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