Education 2021-2022

The Education committee tries to contribute to the quality of education in the econometrics department in several ways:

The Education committee performs oral and written evaluations for all courses in the programs BSc Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences, MSc Business Analytics and Operation Research, and MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. The oral evaluations are held at the beginning of the courses, to make sure that possible problems are tackled on time. The written evaluations are held at the end of the courses. Using these evaluations, the Education committee tries to improve the quality of the courses. The results of the evaluations are presented to the lecturers and program boards as well.

Old exams
Another task of the Education committee is collecting old exams of our courses from the lecturers, in order to complete our database of exams. 

If there are any complaints about a certain course, the Education committee is open to hearing these and will do their best to solve them. For any complaints about the program, a certain course or something else on education, you can send an email to [email protected]. We treat complaints in a confidential way.

The Education committee starts in October. Interested in becoming Active?

Armanda van Herwaarden
Raoul Thomas
Paul Foederer
Peter Groot
Guideline Officer
Joost Paauwe
Committee member
Bram Marsman
Total members
Hours per week
Informal, Formal

Interested in becoming active?

If you are interested in doing this committee, please send an email to [email protected]! When we receive your message, we will contact you to give you more information about our committees and becoming active. By sending an email, you are not obligated to anything, so feel free to contact us!

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