Finance Expedition

The Finance Expedition is a formal event organized by Asset | Econometrics and Asset | Accounting & Finance together. The Finance Expedition 2020 will take three days, in which a group of 24 students will visit four different Finance companies to give them an impression of their daily business. The main goal of the Finance Expedition is to inform the students about their career possibilities, in the field of Finance, in the best way possible. 

The Finance Expedition committee is responsible for contacting companies who are interested in participating, arranging the accommodation and logistics of the event, and promoting the event amongst all Econometrics and Finance students!

The Finance Expedition will take place in November, 2020.

Timo Scheidel
Ahlam Kodade
Mirte de Ronde
Linda Dekkers
External Affairs
Evelien van der Broek
Steyn van Poppel
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