International Business Tour 2022

The International Business Tour (IBT) is a yearly business trip to a foreign destination. The goal of the IBT is to give econometrics students of Tilburg University the opportunity to explore the (corporate) culture abroad. During previous editions of the IBT cities like Cape Town, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong and Seoul were visited. This year's destination will be decided by the International Business Tour committee!

The International Business Tour committee is responsible for finding an interesting city to visit, followed by the whole organization of the trip. This includes arranging transportation, setting up the local program, finding cool places to visit and contacting (local) companies that are interesting for the participants to visit during the trip.

Interested in organizing the International Business Tour 2022? This committee starts in October. 

Jessica Tramper
Pierre Verhulst
Joris te Booij
Bram Marsman
External Affairs
Monique Groen
External Affairs
Jules van de Camp
Committee member
Michelle Luijten
Juliƫtte van der Velden
Total members
Hours per week

Interested in becoming active?

If you are interested in doing this committee, please send an email to! When we receive your message, we will contact you to give you more information about our committees and becoming active. By sending an email, you are not obligated to anything, so feel free to contact us!

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