Former Active members Dinner

On Saturday November 27 the former active members dinner take place at Cinecitta. For only €30,- you will have a lovely dinner with drinks included during which you can catch up with everyone. The dinner will start at 17.00 hours and will end in a drink afterwards. The menu has been created by a chef and will remain a secret till the dinner starts. To give you a feeling of what the menu could be like, you can find a different menu created by the same chef below:


Bombe of smoked salmon
Crab | Herbs Mayonnaise


Mushroom risotto
Spinach | Pumpkin | ras el hanout | beurre noisette sauce


Chef's dessert

The drinks during dinner are included. However, the drinks after the dinner will be on your own costs. The location for the dinner, Cinecitta, is located near station Tilburg Central and the parking lot Pieter Vreedeplein.

Hope to see you there!


Currently the following people are joining the dinner:

Bas Dietzenbacher
Björn Floor
Bram Marsman
Britte Kragten
Claire Vink
Charlotte Nijman
Denise Jacobs
Dennis Jaheruddin
Ennia Suijkerbuijk
Esmee Lucassen
Jon Daal
Judith Brugman
Juul Kooijmans
Linda Torn
Loes van der Linden
Marieke Derks
Max Wilke
Quirien Raat
Rhido Hidayat
Ricardo van Belzen
Robert Poos
Stefan ten Eikelder
Stephan Sparreboom
Thomas van den Hurk
Thomas van Manen
Thijs Kramer
Tim van der Heijden
Wenxin Lin

Took place on November 27, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
November 20, 23:59h
Registration for this event is closed...

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