KOALA Dinner

On Saturday November 26 the next KOALA activity takes place... which you do not want to miss! This time we will have dinner while catching up with familiar faces. So are you a Former Active Member (FAM/OAL)? Then definitely join us! 
For a maximum of 45 euros, you will get a three-course dinner and three hours of unlimited beers and wine! The arrangement also include craft beers, so get ready to stimulate your tasting buds and discover some special beers. After the dinner you will get the chance to relive your student time in the city of Tilburg, but this is of course optional. 
Note that the drinks include beer, (house)wine, soft drinks and hot drinks. One of the choices for dessert is 'coffee or tea', so only choose this option if you do not want a dessert. The coffee or tea can be ordered anyways.
If you agree once subscribing, we will add your name to the list down below. Check it out to see with who you will be catching up! We hope to see you there! 
Jeannine Beker
Judith Brugman
Jochem Bruijninckx
Nadia Cissen
Jon Daal
Marieke Derks
Bas Dietzenbacher - Committee
Stefan ten Eikelder
Luc Geurts - Board
Meike Goedschalk - Board
Jaron Kappers - Committee
Roman Kazus
Nienke Keuning - Board
Britte Kragten
Thijs Kramer
Matthijs Kroesen - Board
Vera van der Lelij
Ikie Leunissen - Board
Esmee Lucassen
Joris Piree - Committee
Robert Poos
Tom Scholtze
Bastiaan Schutte
Stephan Sparreboom
Juliëtte Tillie - Committee/Board
Linda Torn
Rachel van der Velden
Anouk Verhagen
Pierre Verhulst
Information for Aspirant Former Active Members (AFAM/AOAL):
You are welcome to join us as well! For you there will be a special fee of a maximum of 35 euros. 
Are you not part of the (A)FAM yet, but you have been active for at least 6 months at our associaton? Then do not hesitate to subscribe! Read more about it on this page.

Please note that you need to be a (Aspirant) Former Active Members of Asset | Econometrics in order to register for this event. Do you want to become a (Aspirant) Former Active Member? Send an email to [email protected]. Read all about what it means to be a Former Active Member on this page.
Took place on November 26, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
November 21, 23:59h
Café Bolle

Participation Fee

The dinner will have a maximum participation fee of €45,- for Former Active Members (FAM) and €35,- for Aspirant Former Active Members (AFAM)

Registration for this event is closed...

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