St. Nicholas Drink

On December 8, Sinterklaas will arrive at the Nachtwacht, to grace us with his presence. However, the good saint needs your help to finish some poems for the Astrics members: after all, you know each other much better than Sinterklaas does! 

Fortunately, Astrics has made a deal with the saint to help him. Here you can find a link to a form where you can send in your (roast) poem about someone else. On the evening of the drink this individual has to sit on the lap of Sinterklaas while he reads the poem from his big book. Furthermore, you will receive some committee points from the Sint if you send in an original poem. 

The drink will start at the Nachtwacht at 21.00 hours, and will end at approximately 00.00 hours. Note that you don’t need to register for your attendance at this drink, this event page is only meant for the poems that are sent in.

You do not need to register for this event. This page is used to collect poems. 

Took place on December 08, 21.00h December 08, 23.45h
Registration Deadline
December 05, 23:59h
De Nachtwacht, Heuvelring 37, Tilburg


This event is organized by the Drinks & Activities Committee

Upload your poem!

Click on the link below to upload your poem:

Zie ginds komt de stoomboot...

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