Active Members' Day

The Active Members’ Day (AMD) is organized to thank all members who are active in one of the committees at Asset | Econometrics for their efforts.

“In the end, we only regret the vacations we didn’t take.” Although Tilly may have won over your heart, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional trip to not forget what the rest of the world looked like. Lucky for you, it is time for the finest event of the year, the Active Members Day!
On November 22nd, we will take you to the city of Delft to sniff some culture, including a trip to an old brewery! You will also have some free time to explore the city together and at the end of the day, we will eat dinner at a nice restaurant.

The program for November 22nd will look like this:
-    12:08 Tilburg Centraal
-    13:20 Delft
-    Visit Oude Kerk and Nieuwe Kerk (Old Church and New Church)
-    Free time
-    16:00 Visit brewery
-    Around 18:30 dinner

This whole day will cost you only €7,50! If you want to leave early, you can skip the dinner, it is not included in the costs.

You can register for this event bij clicking on the button 'Register' and filling in the form below.

Took place on November 22, 12.00h November 22, 22.00h


This activity is organized by the Active Members' Day committee.

To register for this event you need to be an Asset member.

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