Active Members' Weekend

This year's Active Members' Weekend will take place from Friday September 3 to Sunday September 5. We think that the weekend can continue as usual, so at an external location and with all kinds of fun activities! All active members that participate will be divided into smaller groups, who will all get a subtheme. All groups must then dress up in their theme and compete against other groups in several games throughout the weekend.

The AMW is meant to thank all active members for their efforts and contribution in the committees of Asset | Econometrics. The tradition holds that the whole weekend will be kept secret for the active members until the very last moment. One thing is sure, it will surely be a lot of fun!

The participation fee will be at most €35,- for the whole weekend.

All active members can subscribe here for the weekend! 

Took place on September 03, 12.00h September 05, 16.00h


This event is organized by the Active Members' Weekend committee.

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