Information session & CV Check - Investment Banking

Soon, we organize an investment banking information session and an investment banking CV check.

Are you interested in doing an internship and eventually continue your career, after graduation, at an investment bank? Then the first step to achieve this goal is constructing a clear view about what the industry is all about. An investment banking professional will tell you all about his own experience within the investment banking world. Furthermore, he will talk about his own (academic) career and you will be able to ask questions throughout the session. The information session will take place online on May 19, 12.45 hours - 13.45 hours

Secondly, you will need a professional CV for investment banking. On Wednesday May 26, 14.45 hours - 15.45 hours. Student Career Services organizes a training on ‘how to prepare a CV for an investment bank’. You will learn:

-        What should and what should not be on your CV
-        What selection criteria investment bank use
-        What increases your chance of getting through the first CV selection round.

If you dream of a career in investment banking then sign up for these sessions and take your first step to reach your goal!

The combination of these two sessions will be very advantageous towards the Banking Days in September 2021. You can choose to register for one or both sessions.

Took place on May 19, 12.45h
Registration Deadline
May 18, 23:59h

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