Cycling Dinner

The first event of the Drinks and Activity Committee has arrived, namely our famous Cycling Dinner! This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends or catch up with old ones while enjoying an amazing homemade  dinner. This event will take place on November 9. During this fantastic activity, you will enjoy an amazing three-course meal and every course you will share a meal with different members. 

Every course will have a different, still unknown, theme and one course will be cooked by your duo. There will also be a price to win per course. You can choose your partner yourself or let the Drinks and Activity Committee choose them for you. The Committee will then determine with which different duos you and your partner will dine with during the three courses. Everyone is welcome to participate in this amazing event, even if you don’t live in Tilburg. 

The first course will start at around 17:15.

After the Dinner we will have a drink at the Nachtwacht to end the night together!

You will also be able to declare part of the costs you made for drinks and food for your course.

There will be a theme and you will be divided into a scheme, so you will know where to be at what time and what would be a beautiful dish to make that fits the theme nicely.

All members are welcome to join us! It is also possible to attend this event if you do not live in Tilburg, you will then be placed in a group with people who have a house available.

All econometrics students who are interested can register! Please note that you need to be a member of Asset in order to register for this event. Are you not a member of Asset yet? Read more about all the benefits of becoming a member here.

Took place on November 09, 18.00h November 09, 23.59h
Registration Deadline
November 03, 23:59h


This activity is organized by the Drinks and Activities Committee.

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Registration for this event is closed...

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