EfS Gamenight (in the afternoon)

----- Attention, new date! -------

 Unfortunately due to the corona measures, the first activity of Econometricians for Society will take place on Thursday 2 December, and not just any afternoon: Efs Gamenight (in de middag). Challenge your fellow econometrician by betting chips on various games, such as Jenga, Twister, and other fun card games.  During the afternoon, the aim is to collect as many chips as possible. The person with the most chips at the end of the afternoon goes home with the main prize, a voucher for ‘Het Taphuys’ and of course the honour!

This evening we are trying to raise money for the children's care home 'Villa Vivre'. This children's care home is a small-scale, second home where parents can bring their child with confidence to work or, for example, to gain new energy. 

Drinks included! 

Register now, because besides having a nice afternoon, you also support a good cause!

All econometrics students who are interested can register! Please note that you need to be a member of Asset in order to register for this event. Are you not a member of Asset yet? Read more about all the benefits of becoming a member here.

Took place on December 02, 15.00h December 02, 18.00h
Registration Deadline
November 11, 23:59h
The activity takes place at people's homes in groups of about 5 people.


Villa Vivre


This activity is organized by the Econometricians for Society committee.

Registration for this event is closed...

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