Order your guidelines

You can order one of our guidelines by filling out the form below. The price of a guideline is €3,- for Asset members and €7,- for non-members.

Because of COVID-19, you cannot collect the guidelines at our rooms. We give you the opportunity to have the guideline send to your home address, but this will cost €2.50 extra. If you buy 4 or more guidelines at once, the extra costs are €5,-. We will send the guideline as quickly as possible, but this can take some days. Another option is to contact the board via info@Asset-Econometrics.nl to find a personalized solution for picking up the guideline.
Due to the holidays, we will not send guidelines between December 21 and January 4. So, if you order guidelines in the meantime, we will send them from January 5 2021 onwards.

Guideline Order Form

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