Inhouse Day - Heineken

On September 24 the Heineken Inhouse Day will be organized!

Did you know that at HEINEKEN, as business minded econometrics student, you can easily have an impact and make a difference? Whether your interests are in Supply Chain, Commerce, Finance or IT: within many different disciplines, you can work with big amounts of data and advanced statistical models. The most recent techniques are being used at HEINEKEN to get as much value form our data as possible, because there is an abundance of data!
During the inhouse day at HEINEKEN Nederland on September 24, you will work on a case regarding “recommender systems”. The popularity of these systems has increased when big companies such as Netflix, Google and Youtube started to use these techniques to give recommendations to their users based on their listening and viewing history. HEINEKEN is planning to use this technique to give recommendations to her customers to create the optimal selection of outlets (restaurants/cafés etc.).
During the inhouse day, besides working on a real live business case, you will get more information about HEINEKEN and about our career opportunities. One of the possibilities for university graduates is the Management Traineeship, into which we will have a closer look during the day.
Furthermore, a tour through the biggest brewery of Europe may not be missing on the schedule. We will end the day in a proper way with a drink where you get the opportunity to taste one of our beautiful products.

Note that the case will make use of Python. Basic knowledge of Python is useful but is not required.

We hope to see you in person on September 24 at HEINEKEN. Cheers!

Took place on September 24
Registration Deadline
September 23, 23:59h
Participating companies
Registration for this event is closed...

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