Inhouse Day Northpool

On March 11 Northpool will organize an in-house day together with Asset | Econometrics. The Northpool office is located in Leiden and our company currently has 32 employees. Northpool is a company that trades in energy on the West European market. The basic principle of trading in energy is the same as the principle of trading in shares. Energy trading, however, is strongly based on meteorological data, on the basis of this data our traders and analysts make their decisions on the trading floor.

During our in-house day we will start with a lunch, after which you will get a tour on our trading floor, you will experience what it is like to sit on the trading desk during the trading game and you will get a glimpse into a working day of a trader and analyst. We conclude with a drink.

 We hope to see you on April 28 in Leiden!

April 28, 13.00h

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