Introduction Activity

On Wednesday September 4, all first-year econometrics students are invited to join the Introduction Activity! During this activity you can get to know your fellow freshmen better and make new friends during some fun activities organized by the Introduction Activity committee.

This year you will have to try to outsmart the other teams during the Smuggling game which requires good cooporation and smart thinking. Besides, you will get to know your fellow freshmen very well during some  speedfriending.

After the games, we will go to the Sports Café where we will have a frietkar with all participants and volunteers. Here you can get to know your fellow freshmen and some of our members even better. We will also have lots of games available to play, but you are of course very welcome to bring your own favorite game as well!

You can register for this event by clicking on the button 'Register' and filling in the form below. The participation fee for this event is €5,- which includes the frietkar at the Sports Café.

Do you want to unregister for some reason? You can do so until Monday September 2 by sending an email to

Please note that you need to be a member of Asset in order to register for this event. Are you not a member of Asset yet? Read more about all the benefits of becoming a member here.

Took place on September 04, 14.45h
Registration Deadline
September 04, 23:59h
Esplanade Building


This event is organized by the Introduction Activity committee.

Registration for this event is closed...

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