Lustrum Active Members' Day

As you might have heard already, Asset | Econometrics will turn 40 in March 2019. To celebrate this, the Lustrum committee will organize a week full of activities!

During the Active Members' Day all active members of Asset | Econometrics are thanked for their efforts in the past years. We will go to a secret location where you will need your solving skills, since escaping in the woods is not easy!

We will travel from Tilburg University at 12.45 hours. The participation fee is 12.50 euros and includes dinner!

The fee will be included in your monthly withdrawal of May.

You can register by clicking the ‘Register’ button and filling in the form below. You can register until Sunday April 7. Please note that there are limited spots available for the Active Members' Day. Since active members who buy the Ruby Red Package get priority, you will be placed on the waiting list of the Lustrum Active Members' Day.

All people who were an active member of Asset | Econometrics in the past five years are welcome at this Active Members' Day!

*This activity is included in the Lustrum Ruby Package. You can find more information on the packages at

May 03, 12.45h
Registration Deadline
April 08, 00:00h


The Lustrum week is organized by the Lustrum committee.

To register for this event you need to be an Asset member.

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