Lustrum Trip

During the Monthly Drink on November 7, the destination of the Lustrum Trip was announced. This year, we will visit the capital of Greece, Athens! Here, we will explore the city, visit cultural highlights and undertake lots of fun activities organized by the Lustrum Trip committee.

The Lustrum Trip will take place from Thursday February 14 to Monday February 18. The maximum participation fee will be between €300,- and €350,-, and includes the flights, stayover and activities. As Asset | Econometrics celebrates her fourtiest birthday this year, there will be 40 lucky members who will be able to come with us on the Lustrum Trip!

All members are welcome to join us, so don't hesitate for too long! The registrations will open on November 14 at 12.00 hours.

Took place on February 14 February 18
Athens, Greece


This event is organized by the Lustrum Trip committee.

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