Monthly Afternoon

All of our members are invited to the online Monthly Afternoon on Thursday October 27! This time it will be online but the activities stay the same. We will have a main room to chill where you can catch up with your fellow econometricians, have some drinks and snacks together, and we have breakout rooms to play some games like Cards against Humanity, Among Us and Bidiots. It is no problem if you enter the Zoom meeting after 16.00 hours, we are sure that you can join a game then as well!

We hope to see all of you there!

Please register to receive the Zoom-link.


October 27, 16.00h October 27, 18.00h
Registration Deadline
October 27, 16:00h


This event is organized by the Promotion committee.

To register for this event you need to be an Asset member.

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