Parents Evening

We invite you to the Parents Evening on Friday March 17, 2023. During this evening we will invite a lecturer and some members to tell you and your parents all about the study and Asset | Econometrics. After this we will have an informal part, including a pub quiz and some drinks.

You and your parents are welcome from 19.00 hours on. And we will end around 21.30 hours.

All econometrics students who are interested can register! Please note that you need to be a member of Asset in order to register for this event. Are you not a member of Asset yet? Read more about all the benefits of becoming a member here.

Took place on March 17, 18.30h March 17, 21.30h
Registration Deadline
March 13, 23:59h
To be announced...


This event is organized by the Education Committee.

Registration for this event is closed...

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