Pre-Lustrum Party

As you might have heard already, Asset | Econometrics will turn 40 in March 2019! To celebrate this, the Lustrum committee will organize a week full of activities, all in a special lustrum theme...

Do you want to know this year's lustrum theme? Then come to the Heuvel Gallery on October 4! Here the Lustrum committee will officially announce our eighth lustrum theme.

The Pre-Lustrum Party will start at 22.00 hours. Tickets for the party cost €3,-, and beer and wine are available for only €1,- and €2,- respectively, the whole night long!

As we are not the only department celebrating our lustrum in 2019, this party is organized together with Asset | Accounting & Finance, Asset | Economics and Asset | SBIT.

Took place on October 04, 22.00h
Registration Deadline
October 04, 23:59h
De Heuvel Gallery


The Pre-Lustrum Party is organized in collaboration with Asset | Accounting & Finance, Asset | Economics and Asset | SBIT.

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