SINCERIUS M&A Analyst Dinghy Event

The SINCERIUS M&A Analyst Dinghy Event

“Sail the SINCERIUS dinghy through the canals of Amsterdam”

SINCERIUS is the only boutique firm for financial due diligence in the Netherlands and handles over a
hundred transactions per year. Since our founding, we have steadily built up a solid reputation in the
M&A world. Last year, we were the winners of the M&A Awards in the category of Best Transaction
Services Advisor!

Good financial due diligence depends on fast and deep insight into vast data sets. Most of our clients
come to us right before the drafting of the merger or takeover contract. We go deep into the figures,
comprehensively analyse the financial and operational reports of the takeover target, and give our
customers (which are frequently private equity parties) insight into the opportunities and risks the
takeover target presents. With that insight, the customer goes back to the negotiation table.

You have affinity with data analysis, consultancy and financial figures, have completed a university
degree, and have excellent command of the Dutch language. You are also interested in exploring a
career working in a young and compact team of approximately 20 consultants in which a proactive
attitude and enterprise are highly valued.

Working closely with a SINCERIUS consultant, you will be going deep into the figures and discovering
what financial due diligence involves. We will show you how to go about this, the tools and methods
we use to do it, and everything we know about the field. Of course, in the process, you will be getting
to know the SINCERIUS team and getting an idea of the corporate culture within our firm.


The programme:
13.00            Intake in our canalside office
13.30            Introduction and get-to-know SINCERIUS session
14.00-16.00  Getting down to business with a consultant
16.30 to ...?  Join us on board our dinghy for a bite and a glass of sparkling wine, and off
we go!

Dress code: Business Casual

This event will be in Dutch.


On Friday January 24, 2020, the SINCERIUS dinghy will once again sail the canals of Amsterdam.
Our programme will begin at our office, located on one of Amsterdam’s most famous canals, the
Nieuwe Gracht. To participate, please register with Eveline by sending your CV no later than January 17, 2020 to We will inform you within 48 hours whether we can save a seat for you on our dinghy.

Can’t make our cruise, but do want to know more about SINCERIUS? Just send an email to and drop in for a cup of coffee with one of our consultants.


January 24, 13.00h
Registration Deadline
January 17, 00:00h

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