St. Nicholas Drink

St. Nicholas is already in the country! He and his assistants, who -oddly enough- all share the same name, throw presents and food into the shoes of all children in the Netherlands who have shown good behavior last year. To be able to judge about whether presents are handed out to someone, he keeps a big database with all our deeds in it. You are even allowed to place your shoe at the rooms of Asset | Econometrics and maybe this children friend will also treat you for your good behavior on December 4.

You can imagine that he's quite busy, but somehow our D&A committee was able to convince him to spend some time with a bunch of econometricians as well. His management told us that he will hand out some presents, but those who haven’t been that innocent this year might face a reprimand from the Saint. He could also use some help because of his busy schedule, so he would greatly appreciate it if you could write some (juicy) poems or share great stories to write a poem about. These poems and stories can be shared to any member of the D&A committee or sent to The bishop will invite the main characters of the poems on his lap this evening to tell them the great stories themselves.

If you would like to meet and greet St. Nicholas, we invite you to join our yearly St. Nicholas Drink at Café De Nachtwacht on Wednesday December 4. St. Nicholas can arrive at every moment, so make sure to be there on time!

Took place on December 04, 22.00h
Café De Nachtwacht


This event is organized by the D&A committee.

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