Here you can find an overview of the challenges you can perform individually or with your committee to earn points. They are divided into three categories:

  • Board challenges (currently not available)
  • General challenges
  • Committee-specific challenges

Next to these challenges, the board has introduced a biweekly challenge. Every two weeks this challenge will be different and maybe specific for that time of year (think of the chubby bunny challenge with 'pepernoten'). Check out the board announcements during your meetings or come by the rooms to find out the challenge for that week! 

General Challenges

  • Kiss with a current board member (40 points)
  • Kiss with a former board member (20 points
  • Kiss with an active member (15 points)
  • Get in a relationship with another active member (40 points)
  • Send in a funny Quatch through the Website (1-10 points)
  • Write an article for the NEKST as external writer (25 points)
  • Bring the board something (nice) to eat (1 - 10 points)
  • Bring the promo something, dubble points is it is self made (nice), to eat (1 - 10 points)
  • Participate in a formal event (7 points)
  • Participate in an informal event (5 points)
  • Clean up the rooms (5-25 points)
  • Do a rietadt in Tower of Spoorpark (5 points)
  • Jump into a fountain (20 points)
  • Send in a meme (5-15 points)

Committee-specific Challenges

  • Send a sweet postcard with your committee to the board (5 points)
  • Win a beer race against another committee (minimum 4 from each committee) (10 points for the committee)
  • Go out for dinner, to a terrace or to a pub with your committee (minimum 3 from your committee) (3 points per person)
  • Walk with your committee (minimum 3 from your committee)(2 points per person)
  • Ice another committee (at least 2 at a time) (3 points per iced person)
  • Have a “potje drieën” with the other committee (minimum 3 from each committee)(3 points per committee)
  • Make a pyramid with your committee (minimum 6 people)(maximum 1x)(20 points)
  • Wear a minimum of two merch items to an event (minimum 3 people)(3 points per item per person)
  • Carry another committee member 100m across the campus on your back. Double point if you challenge another committee to a race and win. (15 points)
  • Create a yell with your committee and do it at an event (1-10 points)
  • Take a picture while studying in the library, with a minimum of four econometrics students, without them knowing (10 points for 4 and then 5 points extra per person)
  • Spin the wheel in the Boeka, if you lose you will get double points. Max 5 times (3 points)
  • Make a behind the scenes vlog of the preparations for an activity. Send it to the promotion committee (15-30 points)