International business tour 2018

The International Business Tour (IBT) is a yearly business trip to a foreign destination. The goal of the IBT is to give econometrics students of Tilburg University to explore the (corporate) culture abroad. During previous editions of the IBT cities like Cape Town, New York, Moscow, Singapore, Washington, Atlanta and Dubai were visited. This year we will visit Seoul, in South Korea, from October 22 until November 2, 2018.

During our stay we will be undertaking several cultural activities to explore the Korean culture and compare it to the Dutch culture. Furthermore, we will be visiting several companies in Seoul in order to have a taste of business life in Seoul and experience the differences in corporate culture. A more detailed explanation of the activities during the Tour is given below.

The registrations for the IBT 2018 are currently closed. The destination of the IBT 2019 will be announced in January 2019!

Program IBT 2018

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