About Mexico city

Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico in Spanish) is the capital city of Mexico and one of the most
important political, cultural, educational and financial centres in North America. It is ranked as
the eighth richest city in the world. Settling on an altitude of more than 2,000 metres, tourists
are instantly enamoured by the city's glamour, cultural heritage and contemporary
development. Every corner of the city is sprinkled with stories to tell of famous personalities
and ancient tribes. While the Aztecs discovered and gave the city its culture and heritage, the
Spanish revamped and added their touch. Today, the cultural amalgamation is mirrored in
every landmark of Mexico City, be it the Templo Mayor, El Zócalo square, Catedral
Metropolitana or Frida Kahlo museum. During our stay, Dias de los Muertos will take place.
This is a huge public holiday in Mexico and there will be a parade through the city.

  • The temperature will be around 23 °C in Mexico City
  • The main language spoken in Mexico City is Spanish
  • There are living over 25 million people in the city
  • The currency in Mexico City is Mexico Peso, 1 Mexico Peso = 0.0462 Euro
  • No visa is required
  • It is recommended to be vaccinated with hepatitis A

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