Candidate Board 2022

From left to right: Juliëtte Tillie, Matthijs Kroesen, Nienke Keuning, Ikie Leunissen, Luc Geurts and Meike Goedschalk

In June 2022 the new candidate board has been announced... meet your new boardies! Luc Geurts, Juliëtte Tillie, Matthijs Kroesen and Meike Goedschalk will join Ikie Leunissen and Nienke Keuning in the board of Asset | Econometrics, filling the positions of Wout Temmink, Patrick Floor, Joris te Booij and Floris Somers. After the Department Members Meeting they will officially constituted and they will be able to call themselves the new board of Asset | Econometrics for the year 2022-2023. But not until they have roasted the current board members during their Constitution Drink. 

Later on more personal information about the new boardies will be published on this website. For now, we want to congratulate Luc, Juliëtte, Matthijs and Meike with their new positions! We wish them and Ikie and Nienke all the best for next year!

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