Get to know all you need to know before starting your Econometrics study at Tilburg University!

Because the Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research in Tilburg is offered in English and in Dutch in the first year, this information page will also be in both languages. For Dutch, please click here.

We can imagine that starting your new study in times of COVID-19 can be quite challenging. Therefore, we want to prepare you the most we can by answering all of your questions. If you have any further questions, please send an email to or send us a WhatsApp message (+316 15337804). Of course you can always message us on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Practical matters for studying (schedule, Canvas, university email etc.)

On the students part on the website of Tilburg University, you can find all practical matters that you need! Once you have logged in, you will be logged in to all services mentioned below.

  • Osiris: in Osiris you can find your grades and the course catalogue. In the course catalogue, you can see what every course entails and what the required materials are. Besides that, you should use Osiris to register for tests, midterms and courses. You do this via the 'Register'  button.
  • Schedule: if you click on schedule, you will probably see an empty time table. To fill your agenda with the right courses, press on Add timetable in the upper right corner. Then select Programme of study  and search for 'Econometrie en Operationele Research_Jaar 1'. If you log in, you will automatically save the timetable to your account so that it will be visible the next time you check the schedule. 
  • Canvas: Canvas is the place to find all lecture materials such as powerpoints and readers. If you need to form groups or hand in an assignment, you can do this via Canvas as well. Canvas also offers a discussion that everyone following that course can see.
  • Gmail: your Tilburg University emailaddress is connected to a gmail account. Once you log in onto Gmail, you can see all your emails and send mails by using your Tilburg University emailadress. Your emailaddress will probably be your initials separated by dots, followed by your last name. So, suppose your initials are A. and B., then your emailaddress will be You can also switch to Google Drive to save all your files in the cloud.

Which books should I buy?

The whole academic year is split into four units consisting of 7 weeks. The courses of the first unit are:

  • Macroeconomics for Econometrics
  • Introduction Analysis & Probability Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • Improving Society Lab

Note that the course Introduction Analysis & Probability Theory is a course that starts in unit 1 and ends in unit 2. The course Improving Society Lab does not have any lectures or tutorials, and lasts the whole year. In order to obtain all ECTS for Improving Society Lab, you should attend all presentations held by people working in the EOR field.
In the Osiris course catalogue you can search for every course and see about the required reading material. You can order books with 15% discount on English books via the Studystore. The Studystore also offers a discount of 10% on Dutch books in September and January, and 5% in all the other months. Asset collaborates with the Studystore and knows exactly what books you need. For ordering your books with a discount, you should be a member of Asset and login at MyAsset.

How can I become an (active) member of Asset or Asset | Econometrics?

You can become a member of Asset by registering via the website. Once you select Econometrics as Bachelor Study, you automatically become a member of Asset | Econometrics. If you want to become an active member, you can check the box stating that you would like to receive more information about becoming active at Asset. We will then reach out to you! As member of Asset with interest in Econometrics, you will...

  • Receive a discount up to 20% on your study books via the Asset Bookstore
  • Have access to the exam archive of Asset | Econometrics
  • Receive a discount on our guidelines
  • Receive our association magazine Nekst four times a year
  • Be able to join our career events and meet companies
  • Be able to join our activities and parties at which you can meet fellow students
  • Profit from all of the Asset Membercard Deals

Asset is the faculty wide association of Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). Asset | Econometrics is the study association of students studying Econometrics in Tilburg, and is part of Asset. Once you are a member of Asset, you can sign up to be a member of Asset | Econometrics for free. You can also become an active member at Asset | Econometrics. As active member you are part of a committee that tries to organize some fun and useful activities for all our members. 

By joining one of our committees, you have the opportunity to develop your soft skills, gain organizational experience and get to know your future employers. But next to being educational, our committees are also a lot of fun! By becoming active you will organize many different activities with your fellow Asset | Econometrics members and you will have the possibility to get to know other active members better at our Active Members' activities.

If you are interested in becoming active or if you want more information about our committees, you can always send an email to! The new committees will start in September 2020, and an overview of our committees can be found here. You can join the Nekst committee and the Quantitative Investment Group all year round.

What is the difference betweeen ANR and SNR?

Your ANR is the number in your Tilburg University username. So, suppose your Tilburg University username is u123456, then your ANR is 123456.  On the other hand, SNR is your student number (consisting out of 7 digits). When exams are held in real life, you will have to write your SNR next to your name. Don't worry about forgetting your ANR or SNR, once you receive your Tilburg University Card, you will always have them with you!

How can I find a room in Tilburg?

There are several ways to search for student housing. The cheapest and easiest way is by using Facebook. There are several Facebook groups (Kamers, studio's en appartementen in TilburgWoonruimte aangeboden/gezocht TilburgFind a room(mate) or house in Tilburg - Kamer(s) in TilburgKamer huren in Tilburg (vraag/aanbod)Zoekt kamer in Tilburg CommunityKamer huren in Tilburg (vraag/aanbod)) where people search for roommates. Of course you can always try to find a room via Klik voor KamersKamernetKamerbemiddeling Tilburg and many other (paid) agencies.

How can I meet other first-year econometrics students?

When you want to meet your fellow freshmen, do not hesitate and join us on our Introduction Activity! The event will start straight after your tutorials of Introduction Analysis and Probablity Theory and Linear Algebra and will start with some food. Be sure to register for the Introduction Activiy on time, because without a registration, you will not be able to participate. 

How do I know where to be when lessons are held on campus?

When you look in the timetable, you will see which classes are held in real life and which ones are online. The location of the lectures held on campus is displayed in the timetable. Here the first letter denotes the building where you should be and the number denotes the room. If the room number starts with 1, then it's on the first floor, 2 on the second floor and so on. If you have to be in room AZ 8, you have to go to the Academia building (building A) and go to room 008 on the ground floor.

To make sure that you know the location of each building on campus, a campus map is displayed below.




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