Squash Ladder

The Sports Committee challenges you and your fellow econometricians to compete in the Squash Competition! When you join this amazing competition, you will be assigned to a fellow student every two weeks, who you can impress with your squash skills. Every two weeks the scores will be updated, and the top 10 players will be shown on the squashladder at the rooms of Asset | Econometrics. 

We would like to announce that we have a renewed squashladder you can join. The squashladder is fun for both advanced players and beginners, as you are matched against people of your own level. 

The squashladder used to be hosted on Facebook, but to make it more accessible for everyone, we have decided to host it on Whatsapp from now on. You can enter the squash competition by filling in this form and then we will add you to the Whatsapp group.

Hope to see you all at the squash courts soon!

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