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Confidential persons

What is a confidential contact person and what can you expect from us?

All of the board members of Asset | Econometrics are going to follow the training to be confidential contact persons. Currently, Sara only followed this training, but the chairman of last year, Luc Geurts, will also stay a confidential contact person. We would like to explain to you what being a confidential contact person means, such that you can know what to expect. We are here to have a talk if you struggle with stress or have something else on your mind that you would like to share. As we are not confidential people but confidential contact persons, we will never share anything that you mention with any other party, but specifically will also never take action for you! We are here to offer a listening ear and refer you to the right person if this is needed. This could be for example the educational coordinator, but also the university psychologist. We can recommend or urge you to take action yourself, but after our talk this will be completely your own choice and responsibility.

Get to know us!

Disclaimer: We are not professional psychologists and are not able to help you in case of severe mental issues. However, we are able to guide you to the right persons who can help you and are more than willing to do so!



Sara Darwinkel

Hey there, I am Sara and I am the Internal Affairs of Asset | Econometrics for the year 2023. I lived my whole life in France, with my Dutch parents and siblings, until 3 years ago when I moved to Tilburg to study Econometrics. I got to get to know Tilburg as a nice city that now feels like home. When I have some free time I love to chill with friends, read a good book, or cook a nice meal. When I have a free weekend I will go back to France where my parents own a farm. I will watch a good movie on the couch with my siblings or go outside to take care of the animals. My friends would describe me as social, caring, and reliable. I can get along with a lot of different people and I am always willing to help.  If you feel like you need a chat or a listening ear during a walk in the woods or around a warm cup of tea, feel free to reach out to me.  

Contact information: +316 5139 3862



Luc Geurts 

Hi all, my name is Luc Geurts and I am a fifth year student and have been an active member for a couple of years now. I would describe myself as an open, enthusiastic person who likes to know a little bit about everything. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and other sports. I also like to read and solve puzzles. I like to listen first before speaking and think that it is very nice to be able to talk freely without judgment so that is also what you can count on with me! I do have some experience with mental issues so I might be able to relate to you more easily. If you would like to have a one-on-one conversation about anything, do not hesitate to contact me! :)

Contact information: +316 3800 1003



Asset General Confidential Persons

If there is something you would like to talk about, but do not feel comfortable sharing it with one of the Asset | Econometrics board members, you can also visit Luc, or soon the confidential contact persons of the General Board. All the contact information is mentioned below. 

At Asset we will have confidential contact persons. These will be Amber Eerland and Mattijs Vernooij. All confidential contact persons will follow training and will be certified.



Other options

Educational Coordinator

Are you experiencing any difficulties with your study at the moment, but do not know who to contact? Tilburg University offers the opportunity to talk about this with your programme’s educational coordinator. You can contact them for a wide range of questions, both personal and study related. For more information, please visit this website.

Student Psychologist

Are you experiencing any mental difficulties that affect your studies, Tilburg University provides the possibility to see a student psychologist. You do not need a reference to see the university psychologist. More information can be found here.

University confidential contact persons

In case you would rather talk to a professional contact person outside of Asset, Tilburg University also has their own confidential contact persons. For more information about how to connect them, please visit this website.


Are you having suicidal thoughts? Go to the website or call 113 or 0800-0113.

Alles oké?

In case you want to have someone else to talk to anonymously, you could also use the hotline from Alles oké? Here you can chat or call with a trained volunteer. You can find the site here.