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Day in Data

Day in Data

The Day in Data is a formal event organized by Asset | Econometrics, Asset | SBIT and Flow. After a successful first edition, we are delighted to announce the fourth edition of Hackathon Tilburg on September 27, 2022. Hackathon Tilburg is an event for Tilburg University students interested in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. On this day companies provide a business case and a data set related to Industry 4.0. Students are free to find solutions using Data Science and AI techniques, while the companies support students with their approach and programming choices. During the event, students learn hard skills like data preparation and programming, as well as soft skills like presenting. There will be a full day of interaction between students and the companies about the business case. In this way the students get to know the companies and vice versa, while exploring different career opportunities.

The Day in Data Committee is responsible for contacting companies who are interested in participating, arranging the location of the event, and promoting the event amongst all Econometrics, IT and Data Science students!

The Day in Data will take place on Tuesday September 19, 2023.

Committee members

Bart Verhagen


Raoul Thomas

Day Coordinator

Stijn Cremers

Treasurer / Promotional Officer

Selina Bötzel


Anne van Lieshout