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Econometrics Consultancy Tour

Econometrics Consultancy Tour

The Econometrics Consultancy Tour is a two-day event that Asset | Econometrics organizes together with SCOPE | Vectum, the study association for econometrics students at Maastricht University. During this event, 24 econometrics students will visit three companies across the Netherlands specialized in different types of business consulting. While working on interactive cases in the companies’ offices, you will be able to talk to current employees and get a taste of what working for a consultancy firm is like.

The main goal of the Econometrics Consultancy Tour is to inform the students about their career possibilities, in the field of (Strategy) Consulting, in the best way possible. The Econometrics Consultancy Tour committee is responsible for arranging the accommodation and logistics of the event, and promoting the event amongst all econometrics students!

The Econometrics Consultancy Tour committee starts in October and the event takes place on February 21-23.


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Committee members

Maxime van Oosterhout


Gijs Scholten

Secretary / Treasurer

Noud Becx

External Affairs

Mylène Broekhuizen