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Econometricians for Society

Econometricians for Society

The Econometricians for Society (EfS) committee tries to give back to society by organizing activities for people in Tilburg that are in need. They do this by collecting money and organizing several activities for charity.

The Econometricians for Society (EfS) committee is responsible for contacting sponsors for the EfS wheel and organizing one or more activities. Since the EfS is still a rather new initiative, the committee is completely free in coming up with ideas to make a difference for the Tilburg community!

The EfS starts in October.


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Committee members

Timo Klabbers


Troy De Juncker


Jarno Ringhs

Treasurer / External Affairs

Aniek Aartse

Day Coordinator

Floris van de Moosdijk

Promotional Officer

Britt van Daatselaar