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Econometrics in Practice Day

Econometrics in Practice Day

The Econometrics in Practice Day (EPD) is one of the largest formal events of Asset | Econometrics. The program will start with presentations given by several startups and small or medium enterprises (SMEs) and is followed by a delicious lunch with the participating companies. In the afternoon, the participants can show their econometrics skills in practice during the business case. The Econometrics in Practice Day committee is responsible for contacting companies that are interested in participating, arranging the location and promoting the event amongst their fellow students in order to make the day a great success!

The Econometrics in Practice Day committee starts in February and takes place on November 28.


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Committee members

Eva Schoenmakers


Lucas ter Voert


Maaike Wessels

External Affairs / Promotional Officer

Gijs van Weert

Day Coordinator

Selina Bötzel