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The Freshmen committee organizes two activities and a drink: the first activity and drink are organized for first-year students only, and the second activity is open for both first- and second-year students. The main goal of these activities is for first-year students to meet up with their fellow freshmen to get to know them, and the association better.

The Freshmen committee is also responsible for organizing the Introduction Activity at the start of the next academic year. The goal of this event is for first-year econometrics to get to know their fellow freshmen better during a fun day. The Freshmen committee is responsible for organizing these activities and promoting them amongst the first-year econometrics students.

This committee starts in October.


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Committee members

Wouter de Vroomen


Anna Seip


Roos de Brabander


Sanne van Duren

Promotional Officer

Mattijs Vernooij